supporting our yearly PTSA school fundraisers & programs 

We are so fortunate to have a community that supports & sponsors our various programs, events and scholarship levels. These people/companies are a few that help to make James Bowie High School an amazing, special & well rounded high school for students and faculty. 

Thank you to our 2019 PRIDE IN PERFORMANCE

$500 and more

Bradley Duncan

Christian Gribble

Danielle Couch

Stacey and MJ Nicchio

The Shiono Family

Thank you to our 2019 BOWIE STARS ($250 and more)

Troy & Jennifer Holme

Melissa Stone Myers, StoneMyers Law, PLLC

Arrion Rathsack

Lisa Haney - You Pack We Plan

Mike & Joan Reed

Eryn Zavaleta, Realtor

Thank you to our 2019 BOWIE BULLDOGS ($100 and more)

Anne Tiedt

Ashley Vavasour

Brian and Jeanna Crow

Carol Gonsalves

Caroline McEwan

Dana Honganen

David and Leslie Dippel

Eva and Ronnie Payne

Fiona Dharwadker

Franke Family

Ho Shim

Javier Aldrete

Jeff Whitmire

Jonette and Travis James

Katie Duffy

Kelly O'Brien

Kim and Wes Watts

Laura and James Williams

Lee Leroux

Leigh and Dale Cox

Leisha Johnson

Lori Long

Lorraine Dubbs

Matt and Emily Eastin

Nick Lopez

Paul and Diana Cruz

Paul Purcell

Sangeeta Lerma

Shelley and Dan McNamara

Stacey Ankele

Steve and Kim Merritt

The Hardy Family

Tillisch Family

Louisa Thollander


Thank you to our 2019 FRIENDS OF BOWIE (up to $99)

Barsotti Family

Shelly McReynolds

Beth Sugrue

Darlene L Case

Dawn and Doug Lawrence

Hilary Roberson

Jennifer Ferrante

Jessica Gipson

Joe Morales

Marcia Oakes

Michele E. Cottle

Renae DeWitte

Sasha German

ST Eddings

Steve and Lori Hahn

Susan Cooper

Tara Walker-Leon

Therese M Castanon-Griffith

Tiffany Johnson

Vogt Family

Alice Werchan

Christina Noser

Cleo Morales

Jennifer Friend

Stephanie Johnson

Terrie Lilley

Leslie Suez

Sheri Scott McKnight

Manny Cruz/9, Diana Cruz, Paul Cruz

Adriana Gittinger

Connolly Family

Kelly O'Mullan

Malinda De La Rosa

Mia Scroggs

Michelle Kopp

Nicole Simmons

Tanya Snow

The Cottam Family

Theresa Bastian

Tiffany and Corey Hicks

Christina Haschke

Thank you to our 2018 Build Up Bowie Chrome Sponsors

Christian Gribble * Jason Trumpler * Neptune Family * Pennock Family

 The Shiono Family * Tina Linsalata

Thank you to our 2018 Build Up Bowie Gold Sponsors

Eryn Zavaleta, Realtor and Troy & Jennifer Holme

Thank you to our 2018 Build Up Bowie  Silver Sponsors

Ankele Family, Albe Family, Anne Lasseigne Tiedt, Arrion Rathsack, Bill and Susie Blagdan, 

Bo and Emily Evans, Brian and Jeanna Crow, Bridget Brown, Capital Veterinary Clinic, Carlton Family, 
Danica and Mike Geeslin, David and Leslie Dippel, David Family, Dharwadker Family, Dubbs Family, Jill Stachura,
Kimberley and Wesley Watts, Kimberly Merritt, Leigh and Dale Cox, Lisa Haney, Lisa Krabbenhoft, 
Marilyn J Jennings, Susan Maiers, Oldham Family, Oliver Family, Reed Family, Thollander Family, Tillisch Family, Walton Family.

Thank you to our 2018 Build Up Bowie Bronze Sponsors

Adriana Gittinger, Amy Young, Ariane Bihan, Christina Haschke, Christina Noser, Colleen Suarez, Dan & Shelley McNamara, Darlene L Case, Dolisy Family, Donahue Family, Elena Ashen, Gonzales Family, Barsotti Family, Jeffrey Eads, Jennifer Friend, Joan and Joe Krebs, Joshua & Joy Smythe-Macaulay, Kathy Rush, Kirsten Ingram, Lisa Armand, Lopez Family, Lori Owens, Marcia Oakes, Martinez Family, Matthew and Michelle Stout, Melissa and Richard Velasquez, Melissa Bentley, Melissa Shippey, Michele E. Cottle, Nina Wasserburger, Rebekah Janes, Sasha German, Shannon Campbell, Shelly McReynolds, Sheri McKnight, Stacey Hardy, Stephanie Johnson, Susan Cooper, Tara, Tere Jarmon-Booker, Wells Family, Williams Family.