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On the morning of Thursday, December 13, 2018, vandals caused extensive damage to the James Bowie High School campus. In response to community requests, we opened this page to receive donations to directly support our Bulldog Nation. We are grateful for the generous response, and as of December 17, our "BowieStrong" campaign is now closed.

After conversations with Bowie administration, we decided to use a small portion of funds raised to give immediate support and encouragement to our campus. Bowie PTSA will be providing a taco breakfast to faculty and staff on Wednesday, ​December 19. We also are providing free soft drinks to faculty and staff all week long.

A majority of the funds raised are being reserved for our 2019 Build Up Bowie Campaign, which will support a project to benefit the entire Bulldog Nation. We invite parents, teachers and students to attend our PTSA meeting on Tuesday, January 15 at 6 p.m. in the VC Room in the Bowie Admin building for an update on this campaign and plans for Build Up Bowie. 

Why did Bowie PTSA respond to this incident with a fundraiser?

Within hours of the news breaking this morning, people began contacting us asking how they can help. After conversations with school leadership and other stakeholders, we decided that we would collect funds to be used to offset unplanned expenses that may be incurred as a result of this incident. We also wanted to preempt GoFundMe and other viral type campaigns that potentially would have no connection to the school.


How do we know how the money will be used?

We won’t know exactly how the funds will be used until we receive direction from the school and/or district. It could range for requests to help with better lighting on parts of campus. Perhaps we want to do a welcome back breakfast for staff. Maybe the school will need new janitorial supplies. Perhaps students may need extra time to take or make up tests and someone needs to be paid to supervise this. We are prepared to handle the funds responsibly and to report to our donors, PTSA members and the community about how they are spent.

For several years, our Bowie PTSA has hosted spring fundraisers called Build Up Bowie that have responsibly raised tens of thousands of dollars for assets that benefit all students. Donors may have confidence that donations to Bowie PTSA will be used responsibly and accounted for transparently.

If funds raised exceed the needs of the school, then the PTSA will apply them to the Spring 2019 Build Up Bowie campaign and its yet-to-be-determined project.

How can I learn about how much money is raised and how it is used?

We invite you to attend our PTSA board meetings each month. They are listed on the website homepage. Please join our email list for weekly updates, scroll to the top of this page to sign up. Mr. Robinson’s Bowie Star newsletter is also an excellent resource for campus news; it is available at www.jbhs.org.

authors: Laura Bond Williams, Theresa Bastian, Anne Lasseigne Tiedt, Stacey Ankele for Bowie PTSA Board of Directors

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