Build Up Bowie ~ Giving Campaign 2015/16

Supporting our Teacher's Wish List

Build Up Bowie - 2015/16

Indoor & Outdoor Tables for Teaching!

1. ONLINE DONATION ~ please choose one of the four options below. Any donation is appreciated. (Thank you in advance! Please note our donation recognitions below)

2. CHECK DONATION ~ if you wish to write a check, please:


  1. Make your check payable to Bowie PTSA

  2. Download HERE, print and fill out our Build Up Bowie Donation form.

  3. Seal in an envelope with your check & address to Bowie PTSA, "Build Up Bowie" Campaign

  4. Send to: 4103 W. Slaughter Lane, Austin TX 78749, or

  5. Drop off at the Bowie Front Office

Tables For Teaching:

This is our 2nd year working with our teachers to support their needs. Last year, thanks to generous donations, the PTSA was able to purchase 8 tables for our Academic Hallways. These tables were such a success with the teachers and students that more have been requested by the staff. These tables are used for small student groups, tutoring, and test preparation, as homework make up areas and where groups can work on projects without disrupting the class.



__Buy A Table: $500 

  • Engraved name plate fixed on the table top

  • Recognition: through our PTSA  weekly Bowie Bulletin, Facebook page & website

__Gold Donation ~ $300 and up:

  • PTSA website HOME & SPONSOR page - name or company logo will scroll on the website home page.

__Silver Donation ~ $100 and up:

  • PTSA website SPONSOR page - name, short business description and website link posted.

__Bronze Donation ~ $20 and up:

  • Thank you listing on our website. 


Recognition Details: once you choose a donation option & donate,  please email your Company logo or picture (.jpg or png format/ width 210, heigh 100) to Susie Blagdan,,  and/or your name/company name for our sponsor page. If applicable, please include your website link & a short business description ~ click HERE to view our Sponsor Recognition page. 


Courtyard Tables:

Additionally staff has requested new durable tables for our courtyard. We are asking parents and our business community to help by donating through check or PayPal so our current and future students benefit from this fundraiser. This campaign will fill in the gap where district funding falls short ~ every dollar donated, regardless of size, makes a difference!


With Many Thanks,

Theresa Bastian, Bowie PTSA President

Leslie Dipple, Fundraising Bowie PTSA 

Why Tables for Teaching:

From Principal Stephen Kane ~

"Our administration and teachers need additional tables for group projects, outside of the class testing and for working on homework. Before we had the tables donated from last year's Build Up Bowie giving campaign, you would find students sitting on the floor in the hallways working on their school work."


"The tables in the Academic Building are used everyday, throughout the entire day by our students for collaborative learning."


From Mr. Nick Weismantel, Bowie Operations ~ 

"Additional tables in the Academic Building and new tables in the Courtyard will create a collective and mutual learning environment for both teachers and the students."


Thank you parents and our business community for considering Bowie High School campaigns and fundraisers. We are thoughtful and appreciative of your time and donations towards our school.

4103 W. Slaughter Lane
Austin, TX 78749

Phone: 512-414-5247

Fax: 512-292-0527

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