The Party for ALL of Bowie


Saturday, Oct. 24th!

Ticket Sales: Wed. Oct. 21st - Fri. Oct. 23rd, $5


Over 1,800 students attended. Due to rains - the party was moved inside. PTSA & STUCO started the day at 11am converting Bowie into a magical scene. The cafeteria was transformed into a pulsing light show featuring senior student Miguel Lozano. The Fine Arts Hallways were converted into mini cafes with dripping multi colored paper lanterns. Students were there in groups of friends, some dates and were outfitted in flowing evening dresses, suits and ties, khakis and button downs and skirts and blouses.  


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Evening Details: Oct. 24

The Party for All of Bowie



Who can attend the Homecoming Dance: ALL James Bowie High School students. Students will be allowed to bring a guest. Bring a date or come with friends!

Pre Sales Cost: $5 per wristband.  Ticket sales start, Wednesday, Oct. 21 - Friday, Oct. 23 at the Kennel (Students will only be admitted into the event with a wristband.)

Cost at the Door: $10 per wristband

Food Trailers!: $3 - 5. Jack Hate's Coffee (featuring coffees and hot chocolate), El Cruz Ranch Cafe Taco Truck & Build Your Own cupcakes, $1 soft drinks & water 

Dress: semi-formal


  • Music will be provided by our own Bowie Senior DJ - Miquel Lozano (song requests will be taken)! 

  • A flower stand - $1 flowers for friends or dates. 

  • A red carpet entrance into a twinkling cafe hallway and a DJ light show in the cafeteria, a photo backdrop provided w/ props to take keepsake pictures with friends, and more.

  • For an event map - click here


A Note to All:

We appreciate everyone’s support in preparation of this event and in all the aspects of highlighting Bowie’s well rounded successes for our students. Any funds raised at this event will be used for the PTSA ongoing support of Bowie teachers, staff and students!


Much Thanks,


Stacey Jo Petrash, PTSA Event Chair; Joanna Willard, PTSA Event Chair

Mia Scroggs, Homecoming Committee

Theresa Bastian, PTSA President;  Robin Walton, PTSA Vice President

Susie Blagdan, PTSA VP Communications; Heidi Milne, PTSA Volunteer Coordinator


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Austin, TX 78749

Phone: 512-414-5247

Fax: 512-292-0527

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