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We thought it would be nice to share some parent feedback on Bowie and related subjects. We will try to add items to this page that are of interest to other parents or that might be a helpful tool in navigating through high school. Email us with any feedback, suggestions, comments. Click HERE for our board contact list.

From a few of our Parents ~ 
Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Bowie:
  1. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. 91% of our graduating Seniors go on to college. We are highly academically competitive and celebrate our graduating classes each year that have had National Merit Semi Finalists, National Merit Commended Scholars, National Merit Hispanic Scholars, National Achievement Scholarship Finalists and more.  This all leads to great preparation for college! Click here - to download our academic profile and note from our enrollment to our awards and more. 

  2. CHOICE ELECTIVES. There is a place for everyone at Bowie! The versatility is refreshing and lends to the support of over 75 clubs and organizations to choose from. Every sport imaginable, a superb band, an excellent orchestra, theater and forensics (speech & debate) teams, a culinary department with a restaurant style kitchen and so much more.

  3. STUDENT PASSION. Our students have a passion for their school! Students take initiative and create programs that elevate the school – from campaigns on anti-bullying to community service drives and more. Click here to view the student Lone Star Dispatch online news site - and here to see our student accomplishments

  4. COLLEGE CREDIT. Bowie supports a variety of dual course credits working in unison with Austin Community College (ACC). The courses are taught to Bowie students on our Bowie campus.

  5. ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITMENT. Our teachers and staff are engaging, smart, funny, dedicated and passionate about their students. They support students by having high standards, sponsoring various clubs, attending sports functions, club activities, homecoming dances, booster club events and more. They support parents with a high level of open communication.

  6. PARENT COMMUNITY. Our parents step up to the plate to volunteer for their student booster clubs, teacher luncheons and staff needs. They donate food for teacher luncheons, snacks for after school sales and volunteer their time in support of student events & programs.

  7. STUDENT LEADERSHIP. Bowie students take pride in their school and in their community and lead by example. They take an active role in Student Council, PALS, Student Leadership and more. They listen to their peers, communicate with teachers and work tirelessly to involve the student body in positive programs.    

  8. SCHOOL SPIRIT. Our student sections at school events are full of energy and enthusiasm. Our students work overtime to cheer for their teams, engage crowds with our number one band, fascinate an audience with our remarkable theater group, chant encouragement to our players from the Dawg Pound, and so much more.

  9. COLLEGE VISITS. Our counselors work tirelessly to provide our students with access to a wide range of colleges by hosting college/university representatives to our campus throughout the year. They are also very proactive in encouraging our students to prepare for college by updating their naviance accounts, preparing for SAT & ACT tests, and by having a full range or resources in our College & Career Center that is available to all of our students

  10. DIVERSITY. Because our staff welcomes students from many different walks of life, our students seem to embrace treating each other with tolerance and respect.  



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