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Bowie Blast - Week of Jan 23

We are proud of our Bulldogs and encourage teachers and coaches to submit news to Mr. Robinson's office!

Speech and Debate: The team competed at the Westlake State Qualifying tournament. The overall team took home the sweepstakes award, as well as many individual awards and new state qualifications. Congratulations to our NEW TFA State Qualifiers: Morgan Gonzalez in Congressional Debate Josh Nielsen and Lucas Wilcox in Duo Interpretation Josh Nielsen in Humorous Interpretation Erin Everette in Program Oral Interpretation Cristian Abarca in Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking (qualified previous week at Basis Brandeis tournament) Other finalists included Varsity PF Debate 2nd place in Varsity Public Forum Debate: Fionella Caputo and Cristian Arbarca Quarterfinalists (top 8): Grant Barden and Jaden Knippa Congressional Debate 4th place in Congressional Debate: Morgan Gonzalez Finalists: Aidan Barboza, Hunter Sharp, Cate Sur, Sofia Yordanova Duet Acting 2nd place in Duet Acting: Javier Lozano and Zachary Kohlmyer 3rd place in Duet Acting: Erin Everette and Lola Dobies Duo Interpretation 1st place in Duo Interpretation: Josh Nielsen and Lucas Wilcox 2nd place in Duo Interpretation: Zoe Bouck and Javier Lozano 4th place in Duo Interpretation: Jadon Demetri and Gabriel Watts Humorous Interpretation 1st place in Humorous Interpretation: Josh Nielsen 3rd place in Humorous Interpretation: Bella Barkkume 4th place in Humorous Interpretation: Lucas Wilcox 5th place in Humorous Interpretation: Lola Dobies 6th place in Humorous Interpretation: Jadon Demetri Dramatic Interpretation 2nd place in Dramatic Interpretation: Zoe Bouck 4th place in Dramatic Interpretation: Erin Everette 5th place in Dramatic Interpretation: Bella Barkkume 6th place in Dramatic Interpretation: Javier Lozano Program Oral Interpretation 2nd place in Program Oral Interpretation: Erin Everette 4th place in Program Oral Interpretation: Lola Dobies 6th place in Program Oral Interpretation: Jadon Demetri Novice LD Debate 2nd place in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate- Olivia Baird


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