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Supporting our Teacher’s Wish List

New Paper Cutter


Campaign runs from Monday, February 27 - Friday, March 10, 2023

Please consider a donation towards our “Teacher’s/Staff Wish List.” This year the PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) will be purchasing a paper cutter for Bowie. While a paper cutter may not sound very exciting it is a huge time saver for staff and students! The old paper cutter was twenty-five + years old, no longer serviceable, and completely unsafe to use!


Our goal this year is $15,000


We are asking parents and our business community to help by donating so our current and future staff and students can benefit from this campaign. This campaign will fill in the gap where district funding falls short ~ every dollar donated, regardless of size, makes a difference!

If you and/or your business would like to be promoted please consider donating in any of the levels. Your name/business will be promoted by the PTSA starting in April for a year. Once you donate, we will email you regarding your promotional placement.  



Platinum Donation: $1500

  • Engraved name plate fixed on the paper cutter

  • Recognition: through our PTSA weekly Bowie Bulletin, Facebook page & website

Diamond Donation: $500 and up

  • PTSA website Home & Sponsor page - name or company logo will scroll on the

      website home page.

Gold Donation: $300 and up

  • PTSA website Sponsor page - name, short business description, and website link posted.

Silver Donation: $100 and up

  • Thank you listing on our website.

Click Here For Online Donations

If you wish to write a check, please do the following:

  1. Make your check payable to Bowie PTSA

  2. Fill the box below along with your check and enclose in an envelope addressed to: Bowie PTSA, “Build Up Bowie” Campaign

  3. Mail to: Bowie High School PTSA, 4103 W. Slaughter Lane, Austin TX 78749, or drop off at the Bowie Front Office

           Check Amount: ________________________________________________________

           Print Your Name/Company Name: _________________________________________

           Email:  _______________________________________________________________

          (Email if you would like a tax-deductible receipt)

Thank you for supporting Bowie High School Students & Teachers!

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