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Below are links to your class Booster Club, they are successful only because of you! Please click on your Class link and learn about your class booster and how you can help.  


To start or work on a class booster club...see below.

Each Booster Club, not the PTSA, is responsible for updating

its own class websites/information pages.

Graduation night can be incredibly dangerous for teenagers because of the drinking usually associated with this rite of passage. 


The Class Booster Clubs, who are all volunteer parents, work on fundraising throughout the four years to provide a substance-free, all-night celebration for our graduates. For the graduates, this will be the last time they will be together as a group.  For parents, it gives you peace of mind to know your kids are celebrating their achievement in a safe environment. It is a fun way to work together with a group of parents.

To start your class booster club: gather a few parents and have a representative work with the Bowie Front office - they will help with the By-Laws and funds.

In addition, your class booster provides communication to parents throughout your students' four years and focuses on all the activities associated with the Senior year.


A booster club is established for each class and consists of parents who have a son/daughter in that graduating class. Members are asked to pay dues to cover the fee for the party on graduation night. Fundraisers are also held throughout the students' four years at Bowie. The Class club - separate for Class Boosters, is run by students to raise monies for prom night.     THe



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