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Hello Families of Bowie Seniors!  Project Graduation update 3/25/24

It’s the final stretch! We’re about 70 days away from donning that cap & gown and making that final walk.   I’m reaching out today to give you some updated information on Project Graduation.


Status of PG ‘24

At this time we are severely lacking volunteers to get this to the finish line.  Full transparency, our group lost a lot of momentum and the few of us that are left need a lot of help.   A LOT.   


Here are some areas where we need folks to take the reins and make decisions.  

  • An April fundraiser

  • Membership push (info tables, flyers, social media) 

  • Event logistics (prize table decor, how we will run giveaways, add on entertainment)

  • Potential sponsors for donations for more prizes

  • Someone to run the instagram page

  • Chaperones - we simply cannot pull this off without chaperones for the night of the event.  We need a handful of adults to attend the event with me and at this time I have zero.   Chaperones enjoy all of the same food and fun as the seniors!   If we do not get them we will spend a bunch of the money raised so off duty officers can keep the kids safe.  


What is Project Graduation? 

The primary purpose of Project Graduation is to provide a safe, adult-supervised, alcohol free event for our seniors to enjoy and avoid the dangers of drinking, drugs, and driving, especially on such a special night like this.  


Where?  When? 

We are excited to have secured High Five in Lakeway for this last hoorah for our seniors.  This overnight lock-in will take place on graduation night, May 29, 2024.   Buses will be provided to take the participating students from Bowie to High Five.  Departure is approximately 10:30 p.m. and we will return around 6 a.m.  Activities will include bowling, laser tag, the TopGolf Swing Suite, arcade games and contests.  A pizza bar with all the sides, snack bar mid-event and breakfast tacos with deluxe coffee bar before departure will surely satisfy their hunger.   We are working on an amazing variety of giveaway prizes including TVs, laptops, mini-fridges, a Meta Quest, dorm essentials, gift cards, portable speakers, Apple watches, and so much more.  


Why should my child participate? 

Project Graduation is one last gathering for our seniors to make that final Bowie memory with their graduating class.   All 2024 graduates are invited and encouraged to attend.


How do I sign up my senior? 

The PG Booster Club membership includes your senior’s ticket to the event.  If you would like to purchase one now, please visit our membership page here


If you have any interest in helping please reach out to me as soon as possible.  Thank you!

Angela Anders



Below are links to your class Booster Club, they are successful only because of you! Please click on your Class link and learn about your class booster and how you can help.  


To start or work on a class booster club...see below.

Each Booster Club, not the PTSA, is responsible for updating

its own class websites/information pages.

Graduation night can be incredibly dangerous for teenagers because of the drinking usually associated with this rite of passage. 


The Class Booster Clubs, who are all volunteer parents, work on fundraising throughout the four years to provide a substance-free, all-night celebration for our graduates. For the graduates, this will be the last time they will be together as a group.  For parents, it gives you peace of mind to know your kids are celebrating their achievement in a safe environment. It is a fun way to work together with a group of parents.

To start your class booster club: gather a few parents and have a representative work with the Bowie Front office - they will help with the By-Laws and funds.

In addition, your class booster provides communication to parents throughout your students' four years and focuses on all the activities associated with the Senior year.


A booster club is established for each class and consists of parents who have a son/daughter in that graduating class. Members are asked to pay dues to cover the fee for the party on graduation night. Fundraisers are also held throughout the students' four years at Bowie. The Class club - separate for Class Boosters, is run by students to raise monies for prom night.     THe



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