VOLUNTEERS ~ the lifeblood of our PTSA!

 The Bowie PTSA works with students and staff to sponsor several events that benefit the whole school and give you as parents, an opportunity to get involved, meet teachers and interact with your school.  There is always an opportunity for parents to volunteer and we love having you join us!

Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Sign up for shifts at the Kennel, the student store on campus

  • Join the Hospitality team setting up and serving our teachers and staff at PTSA sponsored appreciation breakfasts and luncheons.

  • Volunteer to help at Bulldogs and Hotdogs

  • Support the Student Council and student body by helping out with the Homecoming dance

  • Support our board members through programs like Reflections and Project Graduation

  • Help in the front office ​

We invite you to join the Bowie PTSA as well as donate a little of your time and talent to support Bowie High School. 

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A BIG thank you to our Volunteers & Donors


To the countless parents, community donors and volunteers, 


We know how busy life is and each and every time you step up  and join us to help, we are reminded what an amazing parent body we are so fortunate to have at Bowie High School. 


Thank you for your donations of food items, gift cards, money & your generosity.  Thank you for your your hours of service, effort, and talents. We truly could not do it without you. 


From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you and thank you!