The Kennel - a PTSA supported supply store for all Bowie students & run by parent volunteers


Kennel Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 - 9am & 10:20 - 1pm


Volunteers needed now: we always need help at the Kennel. It is a great way to be at the school, be around the students and maybe even catch a glimpse of your student! Even an hour every other week would help. We need your help to keep this store a success for all - please contact us soon!


Contacts: Jeanna Crow


Where is the Kennel: it is located just outside the gym,  across from the theater.




We sell supplies at a great price! Remind your students not to panic if they have left something at home - we just might have it. We asked the teachers, and they gave us a list. Here are a few items we carry:


  • a large selection of school supplies

  • pens, (red, blue, black, green & purple),

  • mechanical pencils, colored pencils, pencil lead, pencil sharpeners, 

  • composition books, spirals (1, 3, & 5 subject),

  • scissors, compasses, protractors,

  • report covers, binders, book covers, folders

  • Sharpies (all colors), markers, crayons,

  • notebook paper, poster board, index cards,

  • locks, AA batteries, AAA batteries,

  • glue sticks, rubber bands, & correction tape, JUST TO NAME A FEW!!


We also have personal items:

  • chap stick, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, personal hygiene products

  • brushes, scrunchies, fingernail files, Kleenex, and bumper stickers. The Kennel is also where football tickets are sold during lunch before games.


We sell football tickets during lunch, before games. For the football website - click here

4103 W. Slaughter Lane
Austin, TX 78749

Phone: 512-414-5247

Fax: 512-292-0527

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