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The Kennel is a PTSA supported supply store for all Bowie students & run by parent volunteers


The Kennel is currently closed due to construction.

In past years, we always need help at the Kennel. It is a great way to be at the school, be around the students, and maybe even catch a glimpse of your student! Even an hour every other week would help. We need your help to keep this store a success for all.



We sell supplies at a great price! Remind your students not to panic if they have left something at home - we just might have it. We asked the teachers, and they gave us a list. Here are a few items we carry:


  • a large selection of school supplies

  • pens, (red, blue, black, green & purple),

  • mechanical pencils, colored pencils, pencil lead, pencil sharpeners, 

  • composition books, spirals (1, 3, & 5 subject),

  • scissors, compasses, protractors,

  • report covers, binders, book covers, folders

  • Sharpies (all colors), markers, crayons,

  • notebook paper, poster board, index cards,

  • locks, AA batteries, AAA batteries,

  • glue sticks, rubber bands, & correction tape, JUST TO NAME A FEW!!


We also have personal items:

  • Chapstick, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, personal hygiene products

  • brushes, scrunchies, fingernail files, Kleenex, and bumper stickers. 


We sell football tickets during lunch, before games. For the football website - click here

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