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Bowie Blast - Week of April 29

Texas Young Masters Award Goes to Bowie Guitar Student…

Lief Tilton was awarded The Texas Young Masters Award for 2018. Texas Young Masters is a major award given by the Texas Commission on the Arts and the Texas Cultural trust every two years for a select group of 8-11 grade students in all arts disciplines including literature and visual arts, music dance and theater. At this time the award is $10,000 - $5,000 per summer for two summers to fund summer arts study. Leif will be using his award to travel to the French Alps and study with Judicael Perroy - one of the world’s most influential classical guitar teachers.

Bulldog Mountain Bike Team Takes 2nd in State…

The Bowie Mountain Bike Team competed at the State Championship race in Glen Rose and won overall second place in the state. Bowie students with huge state championship wins for the season include:

Alexis Bobbit - 1st place varsity; Retta Johnson - 1st place sophomore; Connor Chatham - 3rd place varsity boys; Andre Kashkin - 4th place JV boys; Aiden Ruth - 3rd place sophomore boys; Ethan Wood - 4th place sophomore boys.

UIL State Win…

Teal Wade won 1st place- a gold medal at UIL State for Theatrical Design in Marketing.

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