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Bowie Blast - May 2020

We are proud of our Bulldogs and encourage teachers and coaches to submit news to Mr. Robinson's office!

Bowie Art: Congratulations to the Bowie Art Department teachers and our talented artists whose artwork advanced to the State VASE Art Competition last weekend! We would like to recognize Bowie’s outstanding teachers and their students for this amazing accomplishment. Your creativity is outstanding!!

Laura DuBois' Students: Ryan Driscoll, Juluissa Elias, Rae Gray, Savannah Nuhn, Evan Stein, and Hailey Vogt

Mindy LeJeune's Students: Anna Canepa, Melvin Osting, and Luci Papiez

Deb Abbott's Student: Jackson Joyner

Bowie Journalism: Congratulations to our Bowie Journalism students! Last week, the UIL hosted a virtual contest for journalism students across the state. Here are the results!

Team results – Group 2 Bowie High School – 1st place overall News Writing Cade Spencer – 1st place Dylan Ebs – 2nd place Corinne Piorkowski – 3rd place Arushi Sharma – 4th place Feature Writing Faith Lawrence – 1st place Cade Spencer – 2nd place Editorial Writing Dylan Ebs – 3rd place Headline Writing Faith Lawrence – 4th place Cade Spencer – 6th place Cade Spencer and Faith Lawrence, by virtue of placing first, both move on to the next round.

Bowie Dispatch: Another round of congratulations to the Bowie Dispatch!! The UIL/ILPC, the state journalism association, released the final awards of the year for the Dispatch. They had a great year, despite the COVID-19 interruption. Four print newspapers were released, and the team seamlessly merged to online only after March 12. For the first time in school history, the Dispatch earned DOUBLE GOLD STARS!! The print edition and online version both placed at the top of the pile in the state. Bowie was one of just three schools to earn double gold. Congratulations for an outstanding job!!!

We also had a lot of individual awards: Tops in Texas - First place in the State Peter Dang – Print Page One Newspaper Design Sumin Kim – Online Computer Art Print IAAs Peter Dang and Cade Spencer – News Feature – First place Miranda Cardenas - Entertainment Feature – First place Peter Dang – Page One Newspaper Design – First place Rae Gray – Sports Action Photo – First place Staff – Headlines – First place Naya Tillisch – Sports Feature Story – Second place Mia Folkers – Feature Photo – Second place Sumin Kim – Student Art – Second place Rae Gray – Photo Portfolio – Second place Peter Dang – Page One Newspaper Design – Third place Faith Lawrence - Entertainment Photo – Third place Reagan Zuniga – Sports Feature Photo – Third place Kateri Jaquette – Sports Feature Story – Honorable Mention Rae Gray – Entertainment Photo – Honorable Mention Peter Dang – Newswriting - Honorable Mention Online IAAs Sumin Kim – Computer Art – First place Natalie Cullen and Izzy Rejino - Multimedia Package – Second place Lauren Joy, Natalie Cullen and Izzy Rejino – Multimedia Package – Third place Kateri Jaquette – Sports Feature Story – Third place Reagan Zuniga – Portrait – Third place Staff – Headlines – Third place Faith Lawrence – In-Depth News/Feature Package – Honorable Mention Shruti Patel – Computer Art – Honorable Mention Marisa Salazar – Infographic/Sidebar – Honorable Mention Natalie Cullen and Izzy Rejino - Video Story – Honorable Mention Rae Gray – Feature Photo – Honorable Mention Abby Repka – Entertainment Photo – Honorable Mention Rae Gray – Entertainment Photo – Honorable Mention Dylan Ebs – News Writing – Honorable Mention Katie Holme – Editorial Writing – Honorable Mention Naya Tillisch – Sports News Story – Honorable Mention

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