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Build Up Bowie 2018 Gives Library a Lift

Bowie PTSA is launching its 2019 Build Up Bowie campaign for campus improvements this week! Read more about our campaign for campus security and make a donation here.

In 2018, we raised funds for the library. Bowie Librarian Tara Walker-Leon explains how the library got a boost from Bowie PTSA.

"The library is the most recent beneficiary of the Bowie PTSA's annual Build Up Bowie campaign [spring semester 2018]. Students are enjoying and utilizing the new furniture and charging stations. Since August the library has had 40,472 student visits so additional furniture was desperately needed to accommodate all patrons."

Bowie PTSA raised funds for Bowie library

Ms. Walker-Leon joined Bowie faculty this year. She lives in Shady Hollow and has known many Bowie students since they were little kids. She has three daughters, one currently attending Bowie. "I am thoroughly enjoying my first year here, everyone has been very supportive and helpful," she says.

We asked Ms. Walker-Leon for her book suggestions. She says, "A book I recommend for parents and children to read is Educated by Tara Westover. This powerful memoir is an excellent example of perseverance, dedication, and forgiveness. This book forces the reader to reexamine the traditional notion of education and family. Keep on reading."

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