Bowie Blast - Week of April 5

April 5, 2020

We are proud of our Bulldogs and encourage teachers and coaches to submit news to Mr. Robinson's office!


While they may not be physically at school, The Bowie Dispatch newspaper will continue to publish online the rest of the year. Follow it online at: Congrats to the editors and writers on these accomplishments!


Bowie Dispatch: Over the past month The Dispatch newspaper has entered its big award season and the honors are starting to roll in. First, we were named All-Southern by the Southern Interscholastic Press Association. Both The Dispatch print edition and received this distinction. This is the second straight All-Southern Award for the staff.  Only 11 print staffs and seven online publications earned this major award.

Individual entries were also submitted to SIPA for contest consideration. The following awards were given to Dispatch staff members:

Print Edition:
Cade Spencer and Peter Dang, 3rd place – News Story

Online Edition:
Marisa Salazar, 1st place – Features
Maya Amador, 3rd place – Blog

67 individual awards from the Texas Association of Journalism Educators in their Best in Texas Contest were awarded to the following!

Marisa Salazar - Best of the Best, Print News Portfolio  This award is one of 13 total awards given to the top entries in the TAJE contest.

Print News:
Abbey Repka, Honorable Mention – Photo Portfolio, Honorable Mention – Captions, Honorable Mention – Sports Action Photo, Excellent – Sports Feature Photo, Excellent – News Photo
Rae Gray, Honorable Mention – Photo Portfolio, Superior – Captions, Excellent – Captions, Honorable Mention – Feature Photo, Honorable Mention – Sports Action Photo, Excellent – Photo Essay Page
Faith Lawrence, Superior – Story Portfolio, Excellent – In-Depth Story, Honorable Mention – In-Depth Story, Excellent – Infographic Presentation
Marisa Salazar, Superior – Story Portfolio, Superior – Design Portfolio, Excellent – Feature Story, Superior – In-Depth Story, Excellent – In-Depth Story, Honorable Mention – In-Depth Story
Cade Spencer, Excellent – Story Portfolio, Honorable Mention – News Story, Honorable Mention – News Feature Story
Kateri Jaquette, Excellent – Story Portfolio
Katie Holme, Honorable Mention – Story Portfolio, Superior – Staff Editorial, Excellent – Staff Editorial, Honorable Mention – Staff Editorial
Peter Dang, Honorable Mention – Design Portfolio, Excellent – News Story, Excellent – Traditional Newspaper Page One Design, Honorable Mention – Traditional Newspaper Page One Design
Dylan Ebs, Excellent – News Story, Honorable Mention – Entertainment Review, Honorable Mention – Personal Opinion Column
Mia Folkers, Superior – Feature Story, Excellent – Feature Story
Sammie Thompson, Excellent – Feature Story
Miranda Cardenas, Honorable Mention – Entertainment Feature, Honorable Mention – Feature Page Design
Maya Amador, Excellent – Personal Opinion Column, Honorable Mention – Personal Opinion Column
Sumin Kum, Excellent – Editorial Cartoon, Honorable Mention – Original Artwork
Corrine Piorkowski, Superior – Editorial/Opinion Page Design, Excellent – Editorial/Opinion Page Design
Naya Tillisch, Excellent – Sports Page Design
Cade Spencer and Peter Dang, Superior – News Story
Abbey Repka, Faith Lawrence, Marisa Salazar and Rae Gray, Excellent – Headlines

Staff, Superior – Nameplates, Folios & Standing Heads

Shikha Patel, Honorable Mention – Story Portfolio
Abbey Repka, Honorable Mention – Photo Gallery
Brianna Lopez, Honorable Mention – News Story
Cade Spencer, Excellent – News Feature Story
Amorah Schultze, Excellent – Feature Story
Dylan Ebs, Honorable Mention – Feature Story
Anna Holme, Honorable Mention – Feature Story
Reagan Zuniga, Honorable Mention – Sports Game Story
Cade Spencer, Peter Dang, Brianna Lopez, Samantha Thompson, and Abbey Repka, Excellent – Headline Writing
Peter Dang, Excellent – News Photo
Brianna Lopez, Honorable Mention – News Photo
Rae Gray, Honorable Mention – Feature Photo
Peter Dang, Honorable Mention – Sports Action Photo
Sumin Kim, Superior – Original Artwork
Staff, Superior – Nameplate, Folios & Standing Heads

Finally, School Newspapers Online continues to publish stories that appear in online publications across the country. Our coverage of the Coronavirus outbreak is consistently being recognized. Not many staffs across the country are still publishing, but we are. I encourage you to follow along at our website at

The Dispatch has  received the following Best of SNO awards in the past 60 days:

Faith Lawrence – All STAAR tests for 2019-2020 school year cancelled, Austin-Travis Country restaurants and bars close, Silver Stars trip to LA cancelled due to Coronavirus precautions
Cade Spencer – What it is like to graduate in the midst of a global crisis, The College Board announces changes to 2019-2020 AP exams, Coronavirus in Austin causes AISD school cancellation, Coronavirus: All the update you need to know, Ready Set Teach aid rescues student, Spanish and French Honor Society volunteer at a shelter for women and their children
Izzie May – Juniors step up as little league coaches
Mia Folkers – Shoe reselling kicks up a major profit, Photographer captures chic candids’, Breeding bulldogs brings in bucks
Naya Tillisch – Equestrian jumps to new heights
Dylan Ebs – Citizens debate how to solve the homeless crisis
Izzy Rejino - Behind the Scenes: Big Fish Musical (Video)
Miranda Cardenas – Junior debater dominates opponents
Sammie Thompson – Artisan makes fashion statement with unique earrings, Autonomous cars in Austin fuel concerns for driver safety
Marisa Salazar – Toxic Masculinity
Peter Dang – Army Black Hawk touches down
Anna Holme – Ladden astounds the internet with his mystical illusions
Austin Civatte – The Dispatch Podcast: VSCO girls and TikTok teens [S2E4]

These can be seen here, you can search by school:


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