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Bowie Blast - Week of Sept. 21

We are proud of our Bulldogs and encourage teachers and coaches to submit news to Mr. Robinson's office!

Speech and Debate

Congrats to our Speech and debate Team! They gave great performances at the Virtual Texas A&M Consolidated and Alief Kerr Swing (Double) TFA State Qualifying Tournament. We had some big winners and several new qualifiers.

New TFA State Qualifiers: Aidan Garcia & Tristan Rath in Duo Interpretation, Erin Everette & Kaelie Douglass in Duet Acting, Sophie Chasen & Caroline Cullinane in Duet Acting (both first year competitors), Nadia Petru & Megan Sewell (first year) in Duo Interpretation, Nadia Petru in Humorous Interpretation and Nadia Petru in Program Oral Interpretation and Connor Snow in Humorous Interpretation. New National Individual Events Tournament of Champions (NIETOC) qualifiers: Alyss Shumaker in Dramatic Interpretation and Connor Snow, Nadia Petru and Tristan Rath in Humorous Interpretation.

The Big winner for the weekend was Nadia Petru who TRIPLE QUALIFIED in one weekend in Humorous Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation, Duo Interpretation.

​Final results for the competition are as follows - A&M Consolidated Dramatic Interpretation: 3rd Alyssa Shumaker and 5th Javier Lozano, A&M Consolidated Duet Acting: 3rd Erin Everette & Kaelie Douglass and 6th Sophie Chasen & Caroline Cullinane. A&M Consolidated Duo Interpretation: 1st Aidan Garcia & Tristan Rath, 3rd Nadia Petru & Megan Sewell, 5th Javier Lozano & Gabriel Watts and 6th Jaden Davis & Connor Snow. A&M Consolidated Humorous Interpretation: 1st Nadia Petru, 2nd Connor Snow and 3rd Tristan Rath. A&M Consolidated Program Oral Interpretation: 2nd Nadia Petru and 5th Erin Everette. Kerr Dramatic Interpretation: 6th Javier Lozano Kerr. Duet Acting: 3rd Sophie Chasen & Caroline Cullinane, 4th Erin Everette & Kaelie Douglass and 6th Zoe Bouck &. Connor Snow Kerr. Duo Interpretation: 2nd Aidan Garcia & Tristan Rath, 3rd Javier Lozano & Gabriel Watts, 5th Jaden Davis & Connor Snow and 6th Kaia Pierce & Alyssa Shumaker. Kerr Humorous Interpretation: 1st Nadia Petru, 3rd Tristan Rath, 5th Zoe Bouck and 6th Connor Snow. Kerr Program Oral Interpretation: 4th Erin Everette.


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