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Bowie Blast - Week of Dec. 10

After A Lot of Tumbles, Bowie Wrestling Beats Westlake

Westlake has beaten Bowie the last 6 years between 1 and 15 points in each of those losses....but finally Bowie comes out on top! We had a 2 team sweep with our JV winning a 30-12 victory and a 41-36 win by the Varsity. The Varsity Boys team is currently 4-0 in duals for the season.

Great Showing for Bowie Newspaper and Yearbook Staffers

Bowie students showcased their work on a national level at the EA National Convention. Jocelyn Brooks (Jr.): Excellent in YB Copy/Captions: Student Life,Preston Rolls (Jr.): Excellent in First-Year Photo, Lauryn Lomas (Sr.): Honorable Mention in Sports Action Photography, Emma Wake (Soph): Honorable Mention in YB Copy/Captions: Clubs, Logan Dorsey (Soph.): Honorable Mention in YB Copy/Captions: Academics.

Bowie Band Shines with Individual Determination & Success

Our band students auditioned at the Region 18 Band Auditions where they competed against musicians from all over the Austin, Hays, Dripping Springs, and Bastrop. We had 37 students make one of the region bands, which is more than any other school in the region. The following students advance to Area and will compete in All-State: Caroline Garcia, Piccolo, Julia Escobar, Flute, Sara Brown, Oboe, Markus Fagerberg, Oboe, Avery Wholeb, Eb Clarinet, Thea Kilbane, Clarinet, Olivia Charo, Clarinet, Isaac Santos, Clarinet, Zoe Bihan, Clarinet, Ben Ruiz, Clarinet, Rei Esaka, Bass Clarinet, Cedar Speice, Bassoon, Lillian Vo, Bassoon, Aidan Ruth, Tenor Sax, Stephen Gross, Tenor Sax, Javier Vasquez, Bari Sax, Anthony Gebara, Bari Sax, Jake Nix, Trumpet, Aaron Owens, French Horn, Kesiah Sulzbach, French Horn, Jonas Lowe, Tuba, Alyssa Hager, Percussion, Aidan Smith, Percussion, Kevin Reyna, Percussion.

First in Room: Avery Wholeb, Eb Clarinet, Thea Kilbane, Clarinet, Cedar Speice, Bassoon, Aidan Ruth, Tenor Sax, Aaron Owens, French Horn, Jonas Lowe, Tuba.

First in Multiple Rooms: Rei Esaka, Bass Clarinet, Javier Vasquez, Bari Sax

District Band Students: Ali Rodriguez, Flute, Will Pajak, Alto Sax, Camden Scruggs, Trumpet, Blake Petersen, Trumpet, Noah Hane, French Horn, Jonah Combs, Trombone, Kyle Merritt, Trombone, Zach Geeslin, Trombone, Bryce Roddenberry, Tuba.

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