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New at Bowie - Chromebooks 101

Chromebooks went home with students this month, and Bowie PTSA provided durable labels for every single one. Our student, school and community participation at PTSA events such as Bulldogs & Hot Dogs and Homecoming help us raise money to support expenses such as this and build up Bowie to be its very best.

Now that your student has a Chromebook in hand, how do they get support and troubleshooting? Save the link to this blog post for help with CHROMEBOOK PROBLEMS.

Students with issues or problems with their Bowie-issued Chromebook should sign-up for a FIT session with Ms. Theis. She has extra power cords and other ancillary items available for purchase during her FIT sessions for students who lose those items. If students misplace their Chromebook or believe it to be stolen, please encourage them to contact Ms. Theis immediately as there are ways to track the Chromebooks and/or replace stolen Chromebooks if the proper procedures are followed.

There is discussion about establishing a student-staffed technology help station, too -- stay tuned!

Read more in The Dispatch.

Follow updates in Mr. Robinson's weekly message, The Bowie Star.

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