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Bowie Blast -- Week of May 20

Bowie Student Rides for Team USA…

Alexis Bobbitt has been selected to compete for the USA Junior National Mountain Bike Racing Team in Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada. She will compete wearing the Stars and Stripes, representing Team USA along with the top athletes in our Country. Let's all wish her luck as she ventures out on her first race experience outside the United States!

Winner of Texas PTA Award…

Congratulations to Matthew Thompson who has won this year’s Texas PTA Outstanding Interpretation Award in the Reflections Program.

Bowie Students Are The Best…

As a parent volunteer at Bowie, I have written this section of student news known as the Bowie Blast for the past several years. It has been an absolute privilege to share all the great accomplishments of our students. Each week I cannot wait to see what the good news will be to pass along to Bowie parents and the community. Our students are so very talented! They are musical and hit the right note, they are athletic, they are smart, they know how to compete, they are artistic, they take pride in taking care of animals, they are theatrical in the best possible way, they swim and dive, they wrestle their hearts out, they are excellent writers and editors, they are mathematicians, they are great debaters, they are talented singers and dancers, they cheer and tumble, they serve and spike the ball like no other, they represent their country with JROTC, they are poets and webmasters, they are scientists and historians, they are chefs, they run fast and jump high… My list could go on! Our amazing students make James Bowie High School and our community strong and make all of us proud every day.

Sincerely… Robin Walton, Bowie PTSA

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