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Bowie Blast - Week of Nov. 4

Results for Saint Michael’s Catholic Academy TFA State Qualifier include:


Riley McCue in Dramatic Interpretation

Alyssa Shumaker and Jaden Davis in Duet Acting

1st place in place in Duet Acting- Haley Pousson and Camryn Gonzalez

1st place in Dramatic Interpretation- Riley McCue

1st place in Duo Interpretation- Connor Snow and Jaden Davis

2nd place in Duo Interpretation Alyssa Shumaker and Riley McCue

2nd place in Humorous Interpretation- Camille Zamora

2nd place in Poetry Interpretation- Maya Amador

2nd place in Duet Acting- Natalie Johnson and Bella Boreing

3rd place in Duet Acting- Alyssa Shumaker and Jaden Davis

3rd place in Humorous Interpretation-Camryn Gonzalez

4th place in Duet Acting- Connor Snow and Maria San Esteban

4th place in Duo Interpretation-David Findley and Gwen Stacy

4th place In Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking- Rasheek Huq

4th place in Humorous Interpretation-David Findley

5th place in Duet Acting- Kaia Pierce and Maya Armand

Finalists in Congressional Debate- Morgan Gonzales and Nick Van Lente

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