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Bowie Blast - Week of Sept. 15

We are proud of our Bulldogs and encourage teachers and coaches to submit news to Mr. Robinson's office!​

Journalism: The National Scholastic Press Association announced finalists for the Pacemaker, largely considered the Pulitzer Prize for scholastic journalism. The Dispatch was named a finalist for the second year in a row. This award is named after the calendar year for the publications, so the papers produced for this award were last year. The editors were Abby Ong, Cianna Chariez, Jocelyn Brooks and Madison Rice. Winners will be announced in mid-November at the Fall National Journalism Convention in Washington, D.C. Only 49 schools, in 14 states across the country were named finalists, and nineteen will be named Pacemaker winners.

Speech & Debate: The speech & debate team competed in the Leander 2019 TFA State Qualifying Tournament last weekend. The results are as follows: New State Qualifiers: Jaden Davis and Alyssa Shumaker in Duet Acting, Jaden Davis and Connor Snow in Duo Interpretation; 1st place: Jaden Davis and Alyssa Shumaker in Duet Acting, Jaden Davis and Connor Snow in Duo Interpretation, Jaden Davis in Dramatic Interpretation, Zoe Bouck in Humorous Interpretation, Erin Everette in Varsity Prose Interpretation; 3rd place: Riley McCue in Humorous Interpretation; 4th place: Kaia Pierce in Dramatic Interpretation, Tristan Rath in Humorous Interpretation, David Findley in Varsity Prose Interpretation & Varsity Poetry Interpretation; 5th place: Alyssa Shumaker in Dramatic Interpretation; 6th place: Connor Snow & Nadia Petru in Varsity Prose Interpretation; Finalist in Congressional Debate - Aiden Barboza.

Volleyball: Varsity volleyball beat Ann Richards School for Young Women leaders 3 -1 to bring their district record to 2-1.

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