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Bowie Blast - End of Year Kudos

Student Council

The Student Council wants to thank all the wonderful organizations that helped participate in the Bowie Food Drive this year!!! A special thank you to Wendy Uzzle, Alejandro Garcia, Dalton Pool and Carlen Floyd for helping unload/pack the endless amounts of donations


Bowie donated 2,704 pounds of food to the Central Texas Food Bank! When we come together, we accomplish amazing things!

James Bowie Band

Bowie Band students auditioned virtually for our annual Region band contest. This contest is based on individual skill in which students audition and are ranked by judges, who then have the ability to advance to the Area round, and have the opportunity to move on to become a Texas All-State Musician.

Out of all students who auditioned, NINETY-SEVEN students were placed in District & Region Bands:

4 Students placed first chair

35 Students certified to area

30 Students placed in a Region Band

32 Students placed in a District Band

Please congratulate the following students:

Abudu, Ansel

Bateman, Lawson*

Bauzon, Cadence*

Baxter, Connor*

Bihan, Lola

Bihan, Noah*

Blacklock, Kyan

Bloder, Jackson

Breining, Kaylee

Brown, Devan

Brown, John*

Brown, Sarah*

Bueide, Jack*+

Chrudimsky, Corey*

Cruz, Manny*

Dalbey, Austin*

Diaz, Lisa*

Duong, Kevin*

English, Alex*

Feen, Jack*

Galicia, Erick*

Garza, Sierra

Gorelick, Ethan

Graham, Andrew*

Guerrero, Amelia*

Hall, Marley*

Hampton, Tyler

Hatem, Preston*+

Hodenfield, Ruby*

Hyde, Mason

Johnson, Matthew

Kahan, Rayna*

Kanevski, Zach

Kasson, Tessa*

Kinski, Simon*

Kitchen, Nathan

Lashinger, Reya

Leoni, Katherine

Lerma, Maya

Lyles, Jalen

McClure, McKinsey

McNamara, Brandon*

Medina, Marco

Meeks, Topher*+

Mitchell, Richard*

Monahan, Libby

Morales, Marissa*

Moutard, Coline*

Oden, Abby

Osmond, Jake*

Pena, Julie

Poveda, Christian*

Reyes, Sophia*

Rincon, Mario

Romero, Vera*

Savasky, Maddie

Sobrevega, Althea*

Spelman, Jack*+

Strader, Logan

Sung, Karen

Thollander, Ben

Thomas, Kyle

Wallace, William*

*Denotes advancing to Area

+Denotes First in the Room


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